Total Nucleic Acid Isolation

A simplified total nucleic extraction system (silica-based spin column extraction) for sensitive purification of RNA/DNA for downstream PCR, real-time PCR, and Next-Generation Sequencing.

Advantages of PrimeXtract™

  • Sensitivity: Ultra-sensitive real-time PCR Cycle Threshold (CT) values

  • Cross-Over Contamination: No O-ring, no carry-over wash, no contamination

  • Filtration Column: Modified distal end of column with small filter area and tapered bottom

  • Samples/Transport Medium: Compatible with PrimeStore® Molecular Transport Medium

  • Input Volume: Requires as little as 50μL of sample

  • Ease of Use: Ready to use lysis and wash solutions with no additional preparation steps

  • Extraction Time: Fewer steps, no heated incubation, and faster centrifugation times

Each PrimeXtract™ kit includes columns, lysis and wash buffers and elution solution for 5000 extractions.