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FDA: FAQs on Diagnostic Testing for SARS CoV-2


At the time of this Global emergency it has come to our attention that competitors are making false statements about PrimeStore MTM, and our company.  Unlike most sample collection devices which are class I products and require minimal FDA oversight, PrimeStore MTM is a class II product and was specifically cleared by the FDA. Peer reviewed papers have demonstrated PrimeStore MTM's ability under the most challenging conditions, including shipping thousands of miles at ambient temperature. Please contact us directly if you have questions or concerns, or are hearing conflicting information.


PrimeStore MTM validated for Coronavirus

LHNVD is in close communication with the US FDA about supply capacity expansion.  We are working with buyers to optimize tube selection to match available swabs and to fit into existing automation systems. For specific questions email info@lhnvd.com.

Due to current Federal Restriction placed on Puritan Scientific, PrimeSwabs are not available.  If we are given an allocation will only be selling with PrimeStore MTM Tubes at a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio

PrimeXtract is comparable to Qiagen RNA mini kit with fewer steps 

Reduced Worldwide pricing during WHO Emergency

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For China sales please contact our partner Avantech a part of the Dian Diagnostics Group

Quality molecular testing requires optimized components at every stage, beginning at sample collection.

Longhorn's diagnostic products are optimized for molecular testing starting at the sample collection site with a focus on minimizing the cold chain to ensure molecular diagnostics can be used throughout the world.

Core Product: PrimeStore MTM

FDA Cleared: New Class II Predicate Device


USDA Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (FADDL) validated

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Safe and accurate molecular testing across the healthcare and agriculture industries