PrimeStore® MTM

Over 5 million tubes of PrimeStore MTM have been sold to clients around the World during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.  As the only US FDA cleared product for microbial nucleic acid storage and stabilization, clients are comfortable that PrimeStore MTM  provides safer and more reliable testing than UTM/VTM, saline, or research use only devices.  Laboratories have independently validated PrimeStore MTM a wide range of platforms. To take advantage of the microbial inactivation and RNA stabilization qualities of PrimeStore MTM, users can safely test on a wide variety of high throughput platforms from Roche, Thermo Fisher, Abbott, Siemens, Luminex, BioRad, PSS, Promega, and BioMerieux, as well as the Cepheid GeneXpert point of care platform.


PrimeStore MTM is the only media on the FDA preferred list that inactivates SARS-CoV-2 during the collection and transit stage.

New SARS-CoV-2 Study: Pooling samples collected in PrimeStore MTM is ideal for testing large populations such as employees and students with a significant reduction in infrastructure and cost. Pooling samples requires small amounts of each sample to be combined into a new tube, PrimeStore MTM allows the process to occur on the bench top.  Samples in VTM/Saline are still considered infectious and must be transferred in a biological safety cabinet, significantly slowing down the work flow.

Longhorn will provide 50 tube preform racks to laboratories that receive PrimeStore MTM in preform tubes from FEMA allocations. 

Client update letter on Hologic Panther and Bleach Risks 

PrimeStore® Molecular Transport Medium (MTM) was invented in 2006 in preparation for a Worldwide pandemic which at the time was expected to be H5N1 influenza.  It was designed to rapidly inactivate viruses (including SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza), bacteria (including MTB) and high consequence veterinary pathogens (including ASFv, CSFv, FMDv, HPAI, and NDv) within the sample and stabilize the RNA and DNA to provide safer and more efficient workflow for molecular testing and sequencing. The cold chain is not needed for transportation from collection to the laboratory.  It disrupts/lyses lipid membranes, destroys proteins and enzymes, inactivates nucleases and proteases, inactivates infectious biological pathogens, including gram-positive/negative bacteria and viruses, and preserves/stabilizes ‘naked’ RNA/DNA at elevated temperatures.


PrimeStore MTM should not be used with the Hologic Panther System due to a disinfecting step involving bleach that is specific to that platform.  PrimeStore MTM, like most lysis buffers and nucleic acid purification reagents, contains Guanidine.  Bleach and guanidine create cyanide gas which is why most molecular lab protocols use ethanol based decontamination and cleaning solutions rather than bleach.   


Tubes currently offered:

  • 2mL cryo tube with 1.0 mL fill

  • 3mL cryo tube with 1.5 mL fill

  • 5mL cryotube with 1.5 mL fill

  • 5mL* wide mouth tube with 1.5 mL fill (new highly durable tube with tight seal cap)

  • 15mL* wide mouth tube with 2.0 mL fill (new highly durable tube with tight seal cap)



* Large US based supplier allows production to be scalable into the millions per week 


LHNVD has other molecular grade transport products if viability of the sample is required, but due to production constraints are not being offered at this time.

*Tested by USDA Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory 

PrimeStore MTM is not compatible with the Hologic Panther System due to an unnecessary disinfecting step involving bleach that is specific to that platform.

PrimeStore MTM for Microbial Inactivation

PrimeStore® MTM is intended for the stabilization, transportation and inactivation of infectious unprocessed nasal washes suspected of containing Influenza A virus RNA. PrimeStore® MTM is also intended for the stabilization, transportation and inactivation of infectious unprocessed sputum samples suspected of containing Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA from human samples. ​​

PrimeStore® MTM has been demonstrated to completely inactivate viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Multiple studies have demonstrated that PrimeStore® MTM reduces Bacillus spores by three to four logs. Samples suspected of containing spores should be treated as though viable spores remain.

PrimeStore for the Developing World

Sample collection is one of the greatest challenges in the developing world. Whether in a remote village or a densely populated city, collecting a quality sample and transporting it in a safe a timely manner to a laboratory that can effectively test that sample using modern molecular platforms is a current challenge that is greatly alleviated by PrimeStore® MTM.

PrimeStore® MTM has been used by researchers in remote regions of Nepal, India, China, South Africa, Peru, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, and Ukraine, as well as densely populated cities such as Mumbai, Pretoria, Macau and Singapore. Human, animal, and plant samples shipped in PrimeStore® MTM consistently outperform other sample collection systems leading to more effective and accurate molecular testing.  Even where point of care systems such as the Cepheid GeneXpert MTB/RIF test are deployed, PrimeStore® MTM has demonstrated the ability to improve sensitivity in low copy samples and allow for the same sample to be transported for additional drug susceptibility testing (DST).  


Most pandemic diseases originate from the developing world. The ability to screen samples for novel and emerging pathogens using the most modern and accurate molecular tests is essential for early detection and action to prevent large outbreaks.


Special pricing is available for the developing world. 

qPCR and NGS

PrimeStore® MTM is compatible with a wide range of spin column and bead based extraction systems providing high quality RNA, DNA, mRNA for molecular analysis.

Animal Surveillance

The USDA Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostics Laboratory, through extensive testing, determined when used as directed, PrimeStore® MTM inactivates African Swine Fever, Classic Swine Fever, and Foot and Mouth Disease and stabilizes nucleic acid for molecular testing.


Every component of the PrimeStore® MTM system is optimized for quick and easy entry into the biobanking process. A sample placed in PrimeStore® MTM is ready for biobanking with no additional steps and no additional supplies.