Unlocking Molecular Diagnosis for Billions of People in Low Resource Environments and Worldwide Pathogen Surveillance with Clinically Validated, Highly Sensitive Molecular Diagnostic Tools

Transport of samples is the biggest challenge to pathogen surveillance and molecular diagnostic use outside the Developed World.  Longhorn has solved the problem with its molecular transport media PrimeStore MTM™.

The collection system, PrimeStore MTM™, inactivates microbes including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and every virus ever tested from clinical and environmental specimens and prevents nucleic acid degradation during shipping and storage. DNA/RNA is preserved at ambient temperature without refrigeration or freezing and is therefore suitable for surveillance and tracking infectious pathogens.  


PrimeStore MTM™ opens up core markets in the Developing World, as well as the Developed World.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis  (Data published April 2015) (Data published July 2015)


Viral Load Testing 

Rapid and safe identification can be accomplished with Longhorn's Prime System. This is a molecular diagnostic system, which allows infectious agents to be safely collected, transported and accurately identified (to include asymptomatic patients) within a couple of hours versus days for traditional cultures.  It also allows for both high throughput centralized laboratory testing, and testing in mobile labs without containment capability.

The pathogen specific detection system, PrimeMix®, is an all inclusive, one step PCR reagent mix for point of collection detection. It is temperature stable, requires no mixing, can be loaded on PCR plates and pre-staged at ambient temperatures for high through testing.  It can also be field deployed.

Current PrimeMix® Assays: