BioBanking with PrimeStore MTM


PrimeStore® MTM is the ideal solution for collection, transport, and storage of specimens for nucleic acid testing and analysis.  It is also the ideal system for short, medium, and long-term storage of samples.  

Every component of the PrimeStore® MTM system is optimized for quick and easy entry into the biobanking process.  A sample placed in PrimeStore® MTM is ready for biobanking with no additional steps and no additional supplies.

PrimeStore® MTM is supplied in a cryo tube with lip seal and o-ring. Tubes are available in 2 mL, 3 mL, and 5 mL sizes for flexibility in sample amount and type.  PrimeStore® MTM in the 2 ml tube is an ideal product for transferring previously banked samples for long-term storage, and for split sampling.  The small size of the 2 mL tube allows biobanks to maximize storage space while maintaining significant amounts of quality nucleic acid for future testing.

Internal nucleic acid positive control allows sample quality to be tracked easily and efficiently.  Internal studies demonstrate that PrimeStore® MTM held at ambient temperature maintains the quality of positive control nucleic acid in excess of 2 1/2 years.


PrimeStore® MTM has a very favorable freeze/thaw with no change in nucleic acid quality seen over 30 freeze/thaw cycles.